Tonight we start our November Yoga for the heart! Here is a beautiful practice you can try anytime you wish to help you love without agenda, need or fear. No need to fix anything, say anything, judge anything… just pure unconditional love…

Try just dropping all your attention into your heart centre and dwelling in your chest for a few moments. You can put your hands in prayer pose at the heart centre to help you. Just breathe and feel yourself totally in the heart centre. Become as present as you can. As accepting of the experience as you can. Invite comfort with just being present with yourself.

Then imagine someone you want to send your love to. And rather than trying to love them, just meditate upon them, still in your heart centre. Just conjure up their essence, their ‘themness’, and feel the power of your heart accepting them just as they are, quirks and all. When I do this I feel a rush in my stomach every time, a fire… and huge feeling in my chest – almost as though my body wants to reassure me of the power of my energy alone.

Of course, the best thing would be to do this for yourself first!

And.. . next time you hug or hold or sit with a friend or loved one, try doing the same. No need to send love or try to do anything other than just breathe them in, be fully present with their essence… for it is all about being so present and accepting of that person that you can bathe in their essence. Fearless of whatever they might be suffering. They will feel the power of this more than any words or actions. And all that might cloud your path to loving them falls away as you experience pure heart energy flowing through you. I love to do this with my children and my husband.

If I am doing it for someone afar, who I might have had conflict with, I add these words to my intentions:

“I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you”.

Simple really?! If not, read on… the yoga helps us to get there!

My experience of Kundalini Yoga has been that I have fallen in love with myself. And with this came an overwhelming love and compassion for all living beings. It has affected the way I live, eat, act, speak… from once being very insecure, judgmental of myself, and so of course, others too. For if we judge ourselves we will find ourselves judging others too.. and every situation always! It is all-consuming.

Until we can really love ourself, others in our lives will not be receiving the full force of our love, no matter how sure we are that it is there. It may be hard work to get there but once the heart is fully open to our own beautiful self, there is no effort anymore. Everything falls away and the cup overfloweth! Now I know that no one can love me as well as I can love myself, I find I am more loved than ever. We become easy to love when we can receive it without caveat.

May this be your journey too! And here is what will help you on the way!

This yoga will be energetic, aerobic and still – plenty of arm movements and wonderful for the immune system. I think you will love it and it will be a lovely change after all the amazing core work you have been doing. We will keep some of that in our warm up though because we need a strong 3rd chakra in order to give and receive love purely, without feeling unworthy, needing to play games or manipulate.

Actually there are so many sets for the heart centre that we will try a few. Here are those that I could find on line:…/transformationvol2_kriya_to_open_the_……/heart-shield…/med-000069.aspx…/mantra/smiling-buddha-kriya…/yoga_set_for_emotional_balance.…

See you in class!

Love light and peace