Dearest beloved Goddesses of light and love and grace and peace!

I plan to hold a women’s circle at my home, roughly every 6 weeks. Maybe we will decide to hold it more often once it gets going, and maybe there will come a time where we close the group. It does depend on committed and regular attendance for all to feel a growing sense of confidence, community, safety and love I think.

If you are up for this please let me know via email the kinds of times and dates that would suit you the best. I hope to hold the first one in January.

The circle would be an opportunity to listen – indeed we often learn how to listen when we take part in these circles. In the circle we share without interruption, anyone justifying our feelings, trying to make us feel better, challenging them, responding in anyway at all actually. Just to be able to express and know that the others are listening with full and open hearts is incredibly liberating and leads us to our own wisdom and answers – if there are any – rather than it becoming about someone else’s agenda.

We will follow the sharing with whatever feels right on the day – a relaxation, long yoga nidra, yoga, meditation, art, a walk.. anything really and it would be lovely if women wanted to lead an activity that they let me know. And tea and cake. Of course.

We might decide to have a theme one time or just keep it free and open.

I will ask for a suggested donation of £10 for the sacred space, fires, tea, my time coordinating it and facilitating it. This would then be shared with another woman should she decide to lead an activity. I think about 2 hours would be about right.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and light