Just before Christmas another beautiful hypnobirth was had, at home by the fire, in water. Each year I am amazed at the peaceful, calm, comfortable births had by the women I work with. I am inspired by their preparation, along with their partners, to take responsibility for their babies’ well-being right from the start. We now know that babies remember their births, that a baby who suffers a traumatic birth will be an average of 3 months behind in development, and, as I experience with my adult clients every week, babies who have traumatic births can carry the pain and related-issues well into adulthood.

The beauty of hypnobirthing is that you start parenting your baby before she or he is born. And so, if your birth does take unexpected turns, as sometimes happens when there are so many factors at play, mother has all the resources she needs to stay calm and present with her baby throughout and babies who might ordinarily be born very traumatised by such circumstances, instead emerge calm, relaxed and the bonding is often barely affected. This is because the mother is emotionally present, rather than terrified, or screaming her head off or knocked out on drugs.

The hypnobirthing mother is breathing and holding her baby’s hand, metaphorically, as they dance this beautiful dance together. Mother is unafraid and stays relaxed, comfortable and confident throughout. Father has the joy of feeling the power of his presence alone, maybe a few words here and there, some gentle touch, to help the mother feel calm and safe and relaxed so that she and baby can enjoy their gentle loving birth.

Hypnobabies are notably calmer, more confident, engaged, content and trusting – I have noticed this in my mums and babies classes.

All women can achieve this – if she wants to take responsibility for her birth. There is no big secret to it, nor do you need to be zen to begin with. Every woman has the innate capacity to birth her baby in comfort and calm, with a little guidance, knowledge and preparation. I look forward to the honour of sharing this incredible journey with more couples in 2019!