Dear beloved yoginis

This Autumn we will work on the navel point. A perfect time for it. The change in pace after the long summer, and for many a holiday, the change in weather, the change in mood that comes with the weather and nights drawing in… it is always a great time for change but also a time to stay strong and healthy and dosed up on elderberry cordial and other immune boosters!

I am definitely feeling knocked over by the sudden business of life after a blissfully long break from school runs, admin, phones and all the other hundreds of things I have just remembered my life is full of!

And, as a friend has just texted me, in a timely way as always happens in this divine Universe, the collective energy right now feels very chaotic. And we are all affected by that.. I am definitely weighed down with feelings of insecurity and doubts.. and a cold, It will all pass and shift and I will come out stronger – about to go and do the Nabhi Kriya now to help me on my way.

I hope this inspires you to do the same… take time for yourself, nourish yourself and use your yoga as the gift it is to transform you into a fully awake conscious being living the life you are supposed to life and shining as brightly as you are supposed to shine 🙂

The Nabhi Kriya  (those of you who have started it might already be feeling it – I am … every time I cough or laugh 🙂 ) is powerful in many ways. You can also do it here with Kimilla, a very inspiring yoga teacher with amazing on line resources.

  • It really strengthens your core and tones the muscles of the stomach and legs
  • It is wonderful for the digestive system
  • It activates your inner power to stick to your commitments and realise your dreams
  • It gives you such resilience, courage and strength
  • It gives you a sense of self that others can feel in your presence and an integrity and command of yourself that can really transform your experience of life

We will also have a go at another navel centre kriya – also done here with Anna Novak

Better get to it! With so much love and gratitude to you all for sharing yoga with me in all the different ways that you do!

Love light and peace