This is a letter to all the beautiful being of lights who have graced my yoga classes over the last 10 years – not just those I still see every week but who I no longer see in class.

I always understood the sacredness of the yoga teacher-student relationship. I still remember and hold fondly every yoga teacher I have ever had, if for one class or two years. Some I connected with deeply, some I was afraid of and others made me defensive. They all served me on my path. What I never appreciated though, was the way each student would stay with me, once I became a yoga teacher myself.

Last night, whilst teaching at Brilley Village Hall, I was reminded of so many of you, especially those I no longer see. The wind was howling and only a handful of yogis had braved it through the stormy night to class. It was easy to see lots of candle-lit spaces that were once filled with faces I no longer see, or occasionally bump into outside of yoga. I was particularly aware of one dear yoga student who has come home from the hospice for the last of her days, a woman who has come to almost every class, workshop, sunrise/sunset/solstice and privately booked practice for years and who kept coming until she could physically no longer make it – well, long after many others in her position would have made it actually. We sang for her and sent her prayers as we have done for so many over the years.

She brought to my heart and mind all of you who have come to a class, just once or over years, but for whatever reason, no longer attend. Some of you I left behind when I moved back to England! Some of you left the area never to be heard of again, others left but still keep in touch and follow my monthly kriyas that you receive via my mailing list. Some fell away due to illness. I know that four have passed on. And then there are many who just stopped coming – I imagine due to competing other interests, financial pressures, a change of direction or something I said! And no doubt a few of you have self-sabotaged your healing journey… we all do at some point. Everything changes and yoga classes that stay constant and fixed (in timetable only) are a great place from which to observe the ebbs and flows of the tide, the changing of the seasons and bodies on the mats!

There is one thing you all have in common – you are almost all still on my mailing list 🙂 ! 400 of you now! Ha, this is a chance for you to come off it if you have been longing to – it is very easy and I take no offence! I still smile at you in the street and everything!

And so, for those of you who have opened this email, I just want to say to you that I remember you (your essence – perhaps not every name straightaway!) – whether you huddled in the corner, or heckled from the back or sang your heart out at the front. You have touched me in some way, inspired me, perhaps challenged me on my road as a teacher, which is always winding and has no end. I consider each person who comes into a class a great gift for me – to have the honour to pass on such life-changing, transformational, health-enhancing, blessed teachings to you – well, if it weren’t for my students I would not be able to spend the days doing what I love! I feel tremendous gratitude and humility really, when I consider each of you.

Students are always thanking their teachers. And I do give thanks for my students every day. But if I no longer see you I would just like to say Thank You to you and send you good wishes. I sincerely hope that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your life’s journey is one of love, light, peace and tremendous growth. Maybe I will see you again in class one day, you know you are always welcome. I always love to hear from you all and hear about your lives now. I am so grateful to all those who feedback and write me emails or ask me to play a certain song (or NOT to play a certain song!) etc etc. Drop me a line!

Sat Nam and Namaste and Om Shanti

Love light peace to all