Kids and Schools Yoga

Yoga offers young people of all ages a sense of peace, grounding, self-love and self-confidence, while they develop balance, strength and flexibility. It helps them to release anger and stress, develops their emotional intelligence and their understanding and expression of who they truly are, regardless of peer pressure and expectations. Yoga is also particularly helpful in addressing behavioural issues, stress, eating disorders, developmental & learning disorders.

I teach an after-school yoga club but mostly my kids classes are in schools and nurseries and local festivals.

In schools I often teach yoga alongside a theme that the school is currently working on. For example, well-being, caring for your heart, one of the school values, curriculum topics such as ‘What are British Values?’ (we focused on living in a multi-cultural world where we are all one, regardless of colour, creed, nationality etc).

In a school setting I can teach all year groups over the course of a day, or a weekly session for a term or whatever suits the school really! Some schools such as Lady Hawkin’s High School commit to weekly sessions for their pupils as an ongoing optional activity and find that large numbers of children from year 7-11 choose to attend.

Toddlers to Eight / Early Years and Key Stage 2

Help your child to stay connected to his or her inner constancy, peace and joy. In class I will take the children on magical adventures through forests, oceans and jungles. They fly like butterflies, growl like lions, dance like monkeys… They grow from tiny seeds to big beautiful trees. 
They do just about anything the imagination allows – every yoga posture can be turned into something that fits in the story. Games and stories for younger children are kept simple while stories for older children will have a special theme or life lesson. Games for all ages encourage gratitude, cooperation, empathy, loving kindness and lots more!

At the end of their adventures the children lie down and have the opportunity to drift into a deep relaxation. This helps them to truly relax and be still, even for a few minutes at a time, though they often stay there for longer than you’d expect. Guided visualisations, with music, encourage the children to be peaceful, gentle and loving.

The physical stretch and workout they get in class is wonderfully beneficial, and could 
not be more natural. But even more important is the sense peace and well-being that each child gains through their yoga practice. Uplifting active sung meditations focus on being happy and strong and also include also some safe and simple ideas to release anger or frustrations.

Yoga for Pre-teens & Teens / Key Stage 2 & Secondary School

Classes are specifically designed to enable preteens and teenagers cope with the unique issues they face. The combination of movement, breath and visualisation helps students relax, focus and fulfil their true potential in all aspects of their lives. They will develop a positive body image, their patience will grow, their energy levels soar and the confidence will shine.

Students gain tools and resources to deal with peer pressure, puberty, homework stress, conflict with friends or family and any other issues or anxieties they experience. They also encourage inner strength and commitment and enthusiasm. Students also learn how to take care of themselves and their bodies as they become more informed and more self-aware.

“Staff were just amazed at the children’s attitude to the session and the sense of calm and purpose that you created with them, and they had fun too! The literacy discussion 
in class afterwards was thoughtful and more reflective and purposeful than we have
ever had before so we are really looking forward to some more sessions with you.” Head Teacher, Kington Primary School

“I am just writing to tell you that you that you have really helped me, I have slept sooooo well since you came and this has made me realise I CAN DO IT, and it has made me feel much happier in the mornings and more energetic throughout the day which I’m really enjoying! Thank-You for all your advice, routines, and links, I have used them loads!”

Hannah, 15

“My 7 year old daughter has suffered with anger problems. Nothing we did helped her and she was getting to a very bad place, in her life and mentally, until she started going to yoga with Georgie. Within 2 weeks (only 2 classes) she totally changed. She is calm and caring and her anger problem has gone 98% of the time. She used to have anger tantrums for hours every night but I have not seen one since this class.”


“So, so, so fab! It made me feel great! I loved it!”


“I feel very happy, peaceful & calm after yoga. It helps me go to sleep easily at night too.”