Blissful Birth

Please note: I am not currently working as a doula but I will consider it if a woman is in real need so do contact me.

Far more powerful I believe is HypnoBirthing. Read on…

Further down this page there is also some information about Pregnancy Yoga, a beautiful thing to do with your baby as part of your conscious pregnancy.


HypnoBirthing is a form of birth preparation, education and philosophy that enables 
mothers and fathers to have a gentle, enjoyable and natural birth in the way that they dream of. Through guided visualisations, childbirth education, relaxation techniques and 
fear release, HypnoBirthing gives you the knowledge, self-mastery and control to birth 
your baby as nature intended, without drama, intervention or discomfort.

This evidence-based philosophy is now being adopted in hospitals and by midwives the world over, as birth professionals witness the shorter (commonly 5-7 hours), more gentle, intervention-free, drama-free births of HypnoBirthing mums and their invaluable birth companions, be they dads, family, friends or doulas. A typical HypnoBirth image is of a woman relaxing propped up on her bed, or in a birth pool, quietly breathing her baby out or letting go to nature’s primal sounds in a relaxed and confident manner!

What does a course entail and cost?

I normally work with couples (or mum and chosen birth companion) privately as I know you get a better and more personal service this way. To book me just give me a call 01544 321980.

In your home or mine…If you have another couple you want to double up with this is also possible.

I charge £250 for 5 2.5 hour sessions, plus the cost of the HypnoBirthing book and two relaxation CDs, plentiful tea and appropriate homemade snacks/lunch. For your home I will add a little for travel time and petrol. I consider payment plans and concessions.

To find out more please call me – or visit the official HypnoBirthing website here for lots more information and statistics.

Pregnancy yoga

Kundalini Yoga for pregnancy incorporates safe, simple, and effective exercises designed to strengthen and relax your rapidly changing body, preparing you for the challenges and joys of a conscious childbirth. The classes offer a complete physical work out, increasing strength and flexibility while relieving back pain, heart burn, constipation and many of the other discomforts common to pregnancy.

Additional elements such as deep relaxation, meditation and guided visualizations enhance breath awareness, release stress, fear and uncertainty and promote healthy sleep.
Such a holistic practice also develops a profound connection between you and your baby, helping you to embrace the changes ahead and building confidence in your intuitive self.
 All of this will make your pregnancy and labour experiences as positive, natural and 
relaxed as possible, easing you gently into motherhood!

Your baby will also like it! Emotionally he will absorb your newfound sense of peace and well-being, while your physical movement will massage his skin, stimulating the nerve-endings and activating the brain, creating a responsive baby with a strong sense of self- and body-awareness.

The sense of community with other fantastic mothers-to-be is also a wonderful benefit of joining in the classes!

“Georgie’s lovely, calming and nurturing manner really empowered me to trust in my body. The course gave us the knowledge and understanding to accept and trust the natural process of childbirth. We had a beautiful birth, at home, in a pool with minimum input from midwives. My husband ‘caught’ our little girl- born still encased in the sac. I couldn’t have hoped for a more beautiful birth.
After the birth I also attended Georgie’s mother and baby yoga classes which I highly recommend to all new mums. They are a chance to relax with your baby, meet other mums and benefit from Georgie’s nurturing warmth and knowledge.”

“Our HypnoBirthing sessions with Georgie were wonderful. She guided us as first time parents with great wisdom and love. Roland and I felt incredibly prepared for the birth of our daughter, calm and confident. It was very reassuring to have Georgie in our lives during my pregnancy.
She was able to help us through any fears or questions that we had as an independent source, a different approach to our midwives. This helped us immensely. I enjoyed the recordings and the self preparation at home. It felt, as we were leaping into the great unknown that we were doing everything we could to prepare for a smooth and easy birth. 
Every session was valuable and discovering the power of our mind through relaxation was fascinating. Georgie has a wonderful way about her, very encouraging, positive, soothing and loving. We were in very good, kind hands with her as our guide…her chai and healthy cakes are really tasty too!” Angharad

“We had a couple of refresher HypnoBirthing sessions with Georgie, having done a course previously with our first child. The two ‘courses’ were incomparable. Having the one to one sessions with Georgie we feel made a huge difference, whereas the first time around we were in a group. The time, love and dedication given to us as a couple was hugely appreciated and made our second birth more gentle and transformative then we could have hoped for. Our baby boy was born on the evening after our last session of birth preparation with Georgie, and I don’t think this was coincidence!”


“I would recommend HypnoBirthing with Georgie to everyone, it transformed my experience of labour. I went into my first labour blind without any knowledge and it was a traumatic experience, HypnoBirthing helped me to release the fear I carried during my second pregnancy and trust in my body for my second labour. What a completely different experience. I went from praying for a c-section to having a wonderful home birth completely naturally, no drugs, a healthy, very happy 10lb 4oz baby boy with no problems! (I am 5′ 3″ and 8st) He is such a happy, calm baby and I’m sure that’s because he had a relaxed mum and came into the world in such a lovely way. I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge Georgie and HypnoBirthing gave me. Georgie’s knowledge and experience combined with HypnoBirthing is a winning combination and I am so grateful for all her hard work with us!”